'The Best Kept Secret On The Norfolk Broads'

Griffin Marine is located on the banks of the River Yare, part of the Norfolk Broads, a 5 minute drive from the A47 Southern Bypass and only 10 minutes away from the centre of Norwich in the suburb of Thorpe St Andrew.Griffin Marine is manned 7 days a week (early closing on Sundays in winter) and is dedicated to the private boat owner. There are storage spaces for approximately 50 boats of varying size. Water, a toilet and an electricity meter are available for customers use. Customers have the option of storage or a storage and slipway use package.

Available for hire during the fishing season, 2 man fishing dinghies and 3 man dorys. Each boat comes with a pair of oars and 2 mudweights; petrol or electric outboards are available, as are life jackets if required.

During week days boats are available from 6.00 a.m., weekends 6.30 a.m., we do ask that boats are returned by 5.00 p.m. Boats are available for hire with oars or oars and an outboard, choice of petrol or electric outboard. Each boat comes with 2 mudweights. Life jackets are available. Please note that at least one of the hirers must be over 18 years of age. Bait (Maggots, Dead and Ground) and Fishing Tackle are available at Griffin Marine

Turn Your Craft Into The Pride And Joy Of The Norfolk Broads
Without Lifting A Finger !
Why waste YOUR valuable leisure time in maintaining or preparing your craft ?
Why shouldn't YOU just arrive at your boat and set off for your trip ?
Why not MAKE the right impression when selling your craft ?
Maintenance and valeting for all types of craft can be undertaken at Griffin Marine, from the preparation stage through to the finished stage; whether your craft requires a complete 'makeover' or if just a particular section requires attention - ALL requirements can be catered for

When The Worst Happens.... ..... Whether it be GRP or wood, structural or cosmetic REPAIRS, let GRIFFIN MARINE take care of any problems. Griffin Marine will get your craft repaired and back onto the water as soon as possible.

Griffin Marine's fully qualified and insured engineers undertake all types of marine engineering work, including Services, Troubleshooting, Repairs, Rebuilds Installations and Insurance Work on all types of Inboard Diesel engines, all types of Inboard Petrol engines, Outboards (both 2 stroke and 4 stroke) and all types of Gearboxes.

Work can be undertaken at Griffin Marine or at the location of your boat. Work undertaken by Griffin Marine is guaranteed. Please contact Griffin Marine to discuss any engineering requirements you may have.

Useful tips for the your first sailing lessons

Sailing on endless seas, with salty air surrounding you and having a clear sky above – it is how you describe the perfect day for those who wish to sail for the first time. There is much to love and learn when it comes to sailing a boat: feel the waves beneath the boat, the wind in your sail and just let the air lead you to unknown places.

What to expect the first time when you sail

If you are new to sailing, you must make sure that the weather will allow you to have a peaceful first lesson. Sailing basis should be learnt on calm and uncrowded waters, where it will not be likely to have an accident. Not only that the traffic has to be low and the winds light, but you will also have to get dressed in comfortable and casual clothes. Shoes matter a lot, so put on some non-slip closed-toe footwear. Do not forget to bring your rain jacket to protect you from the wind, rain and spray.

Leave your jewels and phone then get on the boat for the first sailing lesson. Safety is important, so put on your life jacket. Do not stand on sheets or ropes – do not even think to wrap them around your arms. Hold onto something on boat and keep in mind what they say: one hand for the boat and one boat for you.

You should be learning on a small boat, it is easier to control. You have fewer sails and lines, so you will soon learn the basics of sailing. Do not go without an experienced instructor, otherwise you might encounter problems when you will want to go back to the shore. Rent a small dinghy, rigged with one sail and bring some provisions with you along with your adequate clothing. You always have to be prepared, even if you have sailed before. Feel the wind, adjust sail settings and keep it relatively flat or full, depending on how the wind will blow.

Sail on crystal clear waters

Keep your eyes on the horizons, but don’t forget about the boom. When it swings, it can knock you out and even knock you overboard. Sailing is not as easy as watching on You have to pay attention all the time and prevent any unhappy situation. Learn the basic terms, know the differences between starboard, port and sail, ask your experienced friends for some help and you will soon discover the secrets of sailing.

You may be daring, but have a few sailing lessons before racing in Dinghies. You will feel adrenaline rushing in your veins and wind will be your friend, not your enemy. Use it to defeat your opponents and enjoy the salt on your skin every time you make a new maneuver. Slowly develop your confidence when sailing your boat, participate to the race without worrying about winning or losing and think of the great party they will throw once the sailing race is over!